So Long, 2017! Where I’ve Been

Picture unrelated but this one seriously makes me smile. 🙂

I type this as the pork and sauerkraut is slow cooking in the crock pot. Mmmmm.

Happy New Year!!

Two years ago at this time, I was engaged. Last year at this time, I was huffing and puffing around work, 7 months pregnant. Now I have a huge chunky boy who is crawling everywhere!

The last few months have been hectic and busy, to say the least. I think that’s true for most people around the holidays. Work has been nuts and I’ve been coming home exhausted, the little guy started to crawl so hard-core rearranging and baby proofing has commenced, and I keep getting sick.

My immune system went down the tube and I’ve become more susceptible to things. I have had cold after cold, got mastitis twice, and even a burn on my arm became infected. How do I get back uphill? My first response would be sleep, which I have been working on since my now 10-month old finally stopped waking up every two hours just a few weeks ago. Mostly.

I’ve also been doing some things I am really excited about, like:

  • Working on some inventory for my Etsy shop that I am hoping to relaunch soon.
  • Perhaps prematurely but enthusiastically researching/preparing for homeschooling. It’s best to be prepared for this one though, and also gives me time to look out for sales. Okay, it’s way too soon but I’m having fun.
  • It may sound weird to include this one as something I’m excited about, but I have also started to dabble in cloth diapering (post about this coming!). There is just something so natural and maternally fulfilling about washing, prepping, and using cloth diapers. Sounds crazy but I know I’m not alone here!

This explains why I haven’t had the energy and willpower to post anything lately. I don’t do New Year resolutions officially since I never stick to them (I fall with the masses who give up in February) but I do think I’m getting in a better place to work on my goals again, though!

It also helps that even though he could crawl out at any moment, Isaac will sit and play inside this one particular shallow Amazon shipping box for a good 45 minutes. This buys me some more time to work on things (pack n play=meltdown fyi). I’ll take it. #momhack

Anywhoodles, I pray everyone has a Happy New Year, is productive and has a better 2018!!