Welcome to iHeart Mommyhood! The Introduction

I seriously love this

This mom brain couldn’t take it anymore, I need to start this! My four-month-old son is finally napping and I’m armed with a cup of reheated coffee. Ready to go! Welcome to my journey into motherhood and homemaking.

Not too long ago, I realized that all of my ideas/pics/videos/shares on the social media platforms I frequent have been taken over by my new mommy life. Everything is fantastically mom/home related, and is chaotically spread out absolutely everywhere. I felt like I needed an actual “hub”, a main base, and an outlet for topics that I just can’t properly express on instagram or in a youtube video.

It took forever to come up with a name. I was trying to think of something creative, a play on words, then even considered calling it my real name. It took longer to name this blog than it took my husband and I to name our son (is that bad?). Then finally, very early this morning, the perfect cheesy *one* came to me (the iheart “motherhood” domain was available for a whopping 3 grand, being that I could hardly afford just the hosting, “mommyhood” it had to be)!

So my son had just woken up at around 2-3 AM like he normally does for food, but he wasn’t crying because he was hungry. It was worse. He woke up happy and awake. His little eyes popped wide open and he talked to himself in the dark for about an hour. Then he fussed for a little bit so I thought I could cheat by nursing him to sleep. Nope.

After a few hours of fruitless efforts of getting him to sleep, fussing turned into over-tired screaming and, you know, I became pretty frustrated. My husband had to get up for work in a couple hours and I didn’t have the heart to go wake him for help. He was sleeping in the living room in an attempt to get some Zzzzzs since it has been a rough work week for him. I was exhausted. Maybe frustration was becoming an understatement.

It was then I realized I needed a name to ground me. At the root of things, I always wanted to be a mommy. Now that I am one, I love being a mommy. I love being HIS mommy! When things get hard (and oh, do they get harder than only sleep deprivation) it helps to be reminded of what motherhood really is: a great beautiful gift from the Lord. iHeart Mommyhood.

So, a little about who I actually am! My name is Ginger. In the world of online personas I often get asked if that’s my actual real name. It is!

I am 27 and moved from my parent’s home a year and a half ago after I married my wonderful husband. About 5 months later, we found out we were going to be parents! We live in a small little one bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania and honestly thought we would be moving shortly. Because of that, I never made plans to decorate or actually homemake besides the absolute bare necessities. We decided to stay to save money though, so now I am motivated to make it feel more like home. Especially since baby stuff tends to explode everywhere, I want to get this small space under control!

Before baby, I had a full time job with a brand new promotion. After the baby, however, I stepped down to part time. This was so hard to do. Spending more time with our son though, especially during these early years, proved ultimately more important to us. I am SO grateful that, while the budget is very tight, we have been able to support that decision.

So, I deeply thank you for taking the time to stop by. I truly hope you will join me and will we grow to know each other!

-Ginger H.