Five Month Update! Baby+Postpartum

This last month has been very drastic concerning our little guy’s development. So much has happened! Here is our five month update.

Teething: This is a big one! Just a few days before he officially turned five months, he got his first little tooth. It’s the bottom front right and it’s such a cute and tiny (but sharp) little nub. He is in a lot of pain still and I’m finding that his favorite “teethers” are my fingers, a silicone kitchen scrapper, and a strip of silicone “bacon” made by Little Toader (they have the cutest teethers with nice ridges to gnaw on. He likes the lollipop one too but the bacon wins. It looks hilllllllllarious).

Food: I am SO thankful that I am still able to breastfeed, and that it’s working! Our breastfeeding journey has had it’s ups and downs (a whole topic to come) but right now it is steady. On the flip side, he isn’t taking a bottle while I’m at work. He just eats the bare minimum to get by and then nurses all evening/night when I get home. This breaks my heart and it also kills my sleep. This week we are trying new nipples to see if that helps. Anyone have this problem?

Sleep: Hah! It is still pretty poor. He wakes up 2-4 times a night to eat and/or need comfort from teething. In a few weeks we will be starting solids, so maybe that will help hold him over food-wise a little more. I am one tired mama.

Physical: He is a big boy! He hit 21lbs, is in 12 month clothing and size 4 diapers. He still can only roll over one way (tummy to back). Sometimes he “scoots” a foot or two across the floor during tummy time, but all he wants most is to sit up! He tries SO hard. He also makes grabby hands and has to touch absolutely everything now. He particularly wants my Tinker Bell coffee cup. His hand coordination has really improved!

Social: He loves everybody! Especially the ladies. He gets all mushy when people pour over him. He is much quicker to laugh, he “chats” back and fourth, loves blowing raspberries on people’s arms, and one night he woke up screaming “MAMA”. It was one of those moments I wish he’d say “DADA”. How often does that happen? He also tries to eat people’s noses. He will grab the sides of your face, pull you in close, and you better be ready to breathe through your mouth because the nose goes right in and gets sealed with wet baby tounge. It’s pretty gross.

That cute little face! He looks like his daddy

Postpartum: Body wise, I am still 10lbs over pre-pregnancy weight which is perfectly fine, especially since I’m breastfeeding. I hear the last 10lbs usually stays until weaning. My hair, though, is falling out in clumps.


I thought I was over the shed a couple months ago, but another hair-loss wave has started. Between the cat and I, we are clogging our nice Dyson vacuum cleaner and that is no easy feat!

I have also developed carpal tunnel and sleep at night with wrist splints on to help ease the pain. Sometimes it still flares up though and I wake being unable to move my arms from the elbows down. Combined with baby not sleeping, this mama is sleep d-e-p-r-i-v-e-d!

These days are fleeting, though! Everyone says it, but it’s true, they really do grow quickly. Just trying to soak up what I can and can’t believe next month will be our half-year mark!