Cleaning Spree! + Baby Clothing Organization Solution

As we approach the end of summer, I welcome our mini “New Year” where many people naturally begin to reset, make new goals, and get organized in preparation for school and the holidays.

I have been doing my fair share of life “editing” these last couple weeks. Namely in the budgeting department and I’m also deep in the decluttering mode.

Today I dropped off five bags at the donation center and mailed off a few packages of things that were sold. I also just packed up two big bags of things to consign at our local Just Between Friends children’s sale. This sale is enormous and I’m absolutely stoked to get more involved this fall. More on that later!

So of course, this all means I went through my son’s clothes and set aside out-grown pieces to either sell, give away, or save for future babies. I also took note of things we will need for him this winter and made a list of what to shop for.

A few months back I made a video of how I keep his clothes organized. I still use this “system” today! It has worked very well for us. Nothing fancy, it’s just all about the folding (warning: if folding laundry is strange and unusual torture to you, I suggest using the small bin or basket method).

The thing that sells me on the folding is, I can get all of his current outfits in one single drawer, then the next size up in one other drawer. It keeps things very compact which is perfect for our cozy one-bedroom apartment. I also can see everything all at once which makes outfit-picking very easy, and I don’t forget about something cute.

If anyone is interested, here this is the video:

If you’re not a fan of videos, on limited data, or you’re feeding a half-asleep baby who mustn’t be distracted or you’ll be awake forever (me), here is the basic idea:

Fold everything the “KonMari” way, meaning everything should be standing up, nothing stacked on top of eachother. That way everything can be seen all at once, and it’s easier to keep the clothing rotated without messing up any piles. Whenever you come across something that doesn’t fit, just pull it out and stash away in the store/donate/sell bin or however you keep that stuff. I keep the stuff I’m saving in a space bag and then seal it once it’s full.

The “drawer dividers” I use for his socks and hats are actually cardboard cheese boxes I got from our local deli. They are perfect and were also free! Maybe the deli at your grocery store could give you some, or you can ask when their shipment comes in and shop on that day and pick them up.

Anywhoodles, I hope this helps someone out there! Even if it’s just to get the cogs turning. I will be posting back about how the consignment sale goes. I’m excited and we are ready!