Baby Book Scrapbook: Page Idea List/Outline

Ultrasound flip-page

Are there any other moms out there who still scrapbook? I feel like it’s a dead trend because nobody I know talks about it, but all the supplies at the craft stores are saying otherwise!

Before my son was born, I went on a hunt for the perfect baby book. There are some pretty cute fill-in books out there and it seems like lots of people print photobooks instead. I am so gosh-darn picky though. Nothing fit usĀ just right. I’m a big fan of incorporating memorabilia (like cards, hospital bracelets, etc) and if I missed a milestone, having a blank space in the fill-in books would drive me batty!

So I decided to churn up the old 1999 scrapper in me and make a book myself. Pretty crazy of me in retrospect since it is so time consuming, but a beautiful keepsake is forming and there are no regrets… yet.

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