Baby Book Scrapbook: Page Idea List/Outline

Ultrasound flip-page

Are there any other moms out there who still scrapbook? I feel like it’s a dead trend because nobody I know talks about it, but all the supplies at the craft stores are saying otherwise!

Before my son was born, I went on a hunt for the perfect baby book. There are some pretty cute fill-in books out there and it seems like lots of people print photobooks instead. I am so gosh-darn picky though. Nothing fit us just right. I’m a big fan of incorporating memorabilia (like cards, hospital bracelets, etc) and if I missed a milestone, having a blank space in the fill-in books would drive me batty!

So I decided to churn up the old 1999 scrapper in me and make a book myself. Pretty crazy of me in retrospect since it is so time consuming, but a beautiful keepsake is forming and there are no regrets… yet.

Made the extra ultrasound pics flip-able! Used photo-corners in case I ever want to take them out undamaged.

So my *vision* is: Small, compact 8×8 with all material memorabilia that isn’t too bulky. Using baby shower cards and my own handmade paper-piecings instead of expensive already-made embellishments. Keeping in mind that this book is more for me, since my son probably won’t be that interested as an adult (if he is anything like his Daddy hehe).

Resized free line art, printed, and made my own paper piecing/embellishment. Saves money!

I made a list of stuff to record and pages to make so nothing gets forgotten. In case anybody is interested, here is what I have. I hope this helps!

List of Pages/Spreads:

  • Belly Pictures/Maternity info (cravings, aversions, etc)
  • Baby Shower
  • Baby Shower cards
  • Ultrasound
  • Nursery
  • Hospital Pictures w/weight, time, height + Bracelets
  • Foot Prints
  • Going Home Pictures
  • Birth Announcement
  • Newborn photoshoot pics
  • Growth
  • Firsts
  • Monthly Updates
  • Copies of special social media posts and pics
  • Pictures with family
  • Pictures with pets
  • Bath Time
  • Journaling/Stories
  • First Holidays (form list of ones celebrated)
  • Other moments/events with favorite pictures
  • First Birthday
I sewed the hospital bracelets directly onto the page with needle and thread. It holds better and doesn’t have glue stuck to it. Also looks cute!

Things to record
The milestones I recorded are scribbled down in my bullet journal, but any safe place like that will do until it can be added to the book.

  • Weights, heights, measurements + Date and Age
  • Labor length, Time of birth, location, Dr
  • Baby “Words”
  • First:
    -Diaper Blowout
    -Sleep through the night
    -Roll over
    -Sit up
    -Stand up
    -Says Mommy
    -Says Daddy
  • Favorite:

    We got a ton of sweet messages/cards! I don’t see myself ever sitting down and reading through a huge stack of cards again though. I cut the messages and signatures out, then glued them the page. Easier to read and saves space!

His baby book will probably be finished in about a year, and when that happens I would love to share a flip-through with you guys! Any other ideas of what to add? I was thinking about making an editable printable record chart. Let me know if that’s something that interests you!

-Ginger H.